Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Homegrown tcpdump/snort analysis

I have written a script which parses snort and/or tcpdump text files to display significant information for Source and Destination IPs and ports.This script allows for some flexibility in filtering ports and ultimately produces separate files for each query and summary statistics as shown below. Tcptrace does similar work but I thought I would contribute something homegrown before I started looking in depth at existing tcp/IDS trace analysis tools.

## bash or ksh script to sort IP addresses from tcpdump or snort text output
## version 0.1 May 23 2009
## requires one argument: file name consisting of text dump of snort or tcpdump output
## requires pcregrep, awk,nmap services file, geoiplookup

/* rest of script here: */

[some sample output:]
......Summary Statistics........
248 unique Source IP/ port pairs
190 unique source addresses
155 unique source ports
125 unique Destination IP/port pairs
6 unique destination addresses
124 unique destination ports
42 Source ports recognized by nmap services file
38 Destination ports recognized by nmap services file
190 Source cities recognized by GeoLiteCity.dat

[some sample files produced]
# ls -1 uniq*

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