Monday, May 2, 2011

Security Process Document

I've created four separate documents outlining The Security Process for a consultant. The documents detail work flow from initial client meeting, to engaging The Security Process, and transitioning to monitoring/training of completed work. My text is intended as an outline for consultants and clients interested in understanding the steps of the The Security Process. The text is intended to function as a guideline to the process of developing security independent of operating system, network or company size. Additionally, the document is designed to function independently of associated disciplines of computer security: cryptography, network security, auditing, forensics, REM (reverse engineering of malware), secure authentication, etc. This document is an outline only at present. I hope to update it with more information.

Chapters include:
First Contact: Small Business Work Flow for The Security Process
Designed to help screen client needs during the first phone call or meeting.
Second Contact: Templates for Managing Expectation For All Clients
Designed to generate ideas for the first PowerPoint Presentation.
The Phases of the Security Process
A brief overview of the phases in The Security Process.
Frequently Asked Questions
A list of questions you should be able to respond to with some level of competence.