Saturday, August 25, 2012

Less Thrashing; More Queries (Part II)

These are more advanced event queries than my last post. Creating queries as psobject properties improves query speeds.More intra-message searches as calculated properties are included below.

$Elements=New-Object PSObject -Property @{

Security_515X=get-winevent -ea 0 -max 50000 -filterhashtable @{logname='Security';ID=@(5156..5158)}
System=get-winevent -ea 0 -max 10000 -filterhashtable @{logname='System'}
Application=get-winevent -ea 0 -max 10000 -filterhashtable @{logname='Application'}

if ($All_Events) {rv -ea 0 All_Events}

$global:Events= foreach ($element in $Elements) {$element}
foreach ($element in $HAElements){$All_Events+=$Events.$element}
$a=$All_Events | Sort -desc -property TimeCreated

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thrashing memory with queries...(Part I)

These are some event log search queries. They all trash my memory in any Powershell session.
I have written them down for some reason. Probably so I can evolve more elegant solutions to such queries in the future.

foreach ($i in @("a","b","c","d","e")) {if ($i) {rv -ea 0 $i}}
$start=(get-winevent  -log security -max 1).TimeCreated
$a=(get-winevent -ea 0 -max 50000 -filterhashtable @{logname='Security';ID=@(5156..5158)})
$c=(get-winevent -ea 0 -log System -max 10000) | Select TimeCreated,ProcessID,ThreadID,Message
$d=(get-winevent -ea 0 -log Application -max 10000) | Select TimeCreated,ProviderName,Message
$b=$a |  Select TimeCreated,ProcessID,ThreadID, `
@{Name="Port";Expression={($_.Message | findstr /C:"Source Port:").replace("Source Port:"," ")}}, ` 
@{Name="Application";Expression={($_.Message | findstr /C:"Application Name:").replace("Application Name:"," ")}}
$e=($b + $c + $d) | sort -desc -property TimeCreated
$e | ft -auto -wrap TimeCreated,Application,ProcessID,ThreadID,Port,Message