Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cell Tracking

This is the link to an absolutely extraordinary post  on privacy by Christopher Soghoian: . Mr. Soghoian's post describes the evolution of "Cell Tracking", an issue the EFF has discussed for a number of years at An exceptional video on current status of the law  for "cell tracking"  and "mobility tracking" can be found here:

The information reminds me that the OS inside most cell-phones is a literal "black box".  Because I run midpssh, I can usually find cell's IP address in the netstat tables of my SSH Server. I can see there may be some filtered ports on my phone.  But I cannot:
(1) access a console or ssh prompt
(2) run a network sniffer or IDS on my cell phone to see if someone is "pinging" my location or hacking me.

Your cell phone is a tracking device that forbids you from root access.

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