Saturday, December 10, 2011

FileVersionInfo Part I

Retrieving FileVersionInfo in Powershell involves calling [System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo]::GetVersionInfo(). "ls ' or 'Get-childitem' has a scriptproperty named "VersionInfo" that can be used for this:

PS C:\ps1> $a=ls -recurse | % {$_.VersionInfo}

TypeName   : System.IO.FileInfo
Name       : VersionInfo
MemberType : ScriptProperty
Definition : System.Object VersionInfo {get=[System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo]::GetVersionInfo($this.FullName);}

System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo contains five boolean properties for Debug,Patched,PreRelease,Private,Special builds:

PS C:\ps1> $a | gm

   TypeName: System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo

Name               MemberType Definition
----               ---------- ----------
Equals             Method     bool Equals(System.Object obj)
GetHashCode        Method     int GetHashCode()
GetType            Method     type GetType()
ToString           Method     string ToString()
Comments           Property   System.String Comments {get;}
CompanyName        Property   System.String CompanyName {get;}
FileBuildPart      Property   System.Int32 FileBuildPart {get;}
FileDescription    Property   System.String FileDescription {get;}
FileMajorPart      Property   System.Int32 FileMajorPart {get;}
FileMinorPart      Property   System.Int32 FileMinorPart {get;}
FileName           Property   System.String FileName {get;}
FilePrivatePart    Property   System.Int32 FilePrivatePart {get;}
FileVersion        Property   System.String FileVersion {get;}
InternalName       Property   System.String InternalName {get;}
IsDebug            Property   System.Boolean IsDebug {get;}
IsPatched          Property   System.Boolean IsPatched {get;}
IsPreRelease       Property   System.Boolean IsPreRelease {get;}
IsPrivateBuild     Property   System.Boolean IsPrivateBuild {get;}
IsSpecialBuild     Property   System.Boolean IsSpecialBuild {get;}
Language           Property   System.String Language {get;}
LegalCopyright     Property   System.String LegalCopyright {get;}
LegalTrademarks    Property   System.String LegalTrademarks {get;}
OriginalFilename   Property   System.String OriginalFilename {get;}
PrivateBuild       Property   System.String PrivateBuild {get;}
ProductBuildPart   Property   System.Int32 ProductBuildPart {get;}
ProductMajorPart   Property   System.Int32 ProductMajorPart {get;}
ProductMinorPart   Property   System.Int32 ProductMinorPart {get;}
ProductName        Property   System.String ProductName {get;}
ProductPrivatePart Property   System.Int32 ProductPrivatePart {get;}
ProductVersion     Property   System.String ProductVersion {get;}
SpecialBuild       Property   System.String SpecialBuild {get;}

We can select for these booleans easy enough:

PS C:\ps1> $a | Select Filename,Is* | fl *| more
{ls -recurse | % {$_.VersionInfo} | Select Filename,Is* | fl *| more}

FileName       : C:\ps1\CTPv3\app.config
IsDebug        : False
IsPatched      : False
IsPrivateBuild : False
IsPreRelease   : False
IsSpecialBuild : False

FileName       : C:\ps1\CTPv3\AssemblyInfo.cs
IsDebug        : False
IsPatched      : False
IsPrivateBuild : False
IsPreRelease   : False
IsSpecialBuild : False


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