Monday, March 22, 2010

Data Breaches 2010

Below is a list of 171 data breaches identified by public records found by the ID Theft Resource Center for the first two and one half months of 2010. ITRC has a justice department grant to catalog all known data breaches from credible sources. ITRC is a donor sponsored, multi-venue, non-profit working to resolve identity theft.  If you are a public or private sector enterprise of any type - banking, financial services, insurance, University, medical provider, HMO, governmental department, law firm, hotelier, or non-profit - you will find analogs to your business in this list. I encourage you to read through this list if you have any network or data exposure and ask yourself: 

  • What information assets does my group have to lose? 
  • How could we lose them?

ITRC20100316-01 John Hancock Financial Services
ITRC20100315-02 TD Bank PA Yes
ITRC20100311-01 US Bank OH 
ITRC20100310-05 Securities and Exchange Commission
ITRC20100310-04 Assurity Financial Services US
ITRC20100309-10 Virgin Money USA Inc
ITRC20100309-01 Ally Bank US 
ITRC20100308-16 Wells Fargo - Law
ITRC20100308-14 Partnership Federal Credit Union
ITRC20100308-09 Telhio Credit Union OH
ITRC20100308-08 M&T Bank MD 
ITRC20100305-08 BlackRock US 
ITRC20100226-01 CitiGroup US
ITRC20100224-01 SunTrust Banks FL 
ITRC20100218-08 ING Fund US 
ITRC20100201-03 Ameriquest Mortgage MN 
ITRC20100126-07 Gregory Navone, First Interstate
ITRC20100114-02 Lincoln National Financial Securities
ITRC20100113-02 Suffolk County National Bank
ITRC20100104-01 Eastern Bank Corp MA
ITRC20100316-03 Beecher Carlson Holdings US
ITRC20100316-02 Beer & Wine Hobby
ITRC20100315-01 Littleton Pizza Hut franchisee
ITRC20100312-01 US 
ITRC20100310-08 Experian US
ITRC20100310-07 GroupM US 
ITRC20100310-06 Citco - Evanston Capital
ITRC20100310-03 Kraft Foods US 
ITRC20100310-01 Thrivent Financial PA None
ITRC20100309-15 AlixPartners LLP US 
ITRC20100309-14 T-Mobile MD
ITRC20100309-13 - vendor US
ITRC20100309-12 LitCon Group VA 
ITRC20100309-11 AT&T - unknown vendor
ITRC20100309-08 California Business Bureau Medical
ITRC20100309-07 Wolters Kluwer - CCH
ITRC20100309-06 Center for American Progress
ITRC20100309-05 Ameriprise Financial - vendor
ITRC20100309-03 US -
ITRC20100309-02 United Guaranty Residential Insurance
ITRC20100308-15 US 
ITRC20100308-13 LampSource US  
ITRC20100308-12 Ameriprise Financial US 
ITRC20100308-11 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company US
ITRC20100308-10 MoneyGram International US 
ITRC20100308-07 National Audubon Society AZ
ITRC20100308-06 Willard InterContinental Hotel DC
ITRC20100308-05 Ameriprise Financial Inc US
ITRC20100308-04 Cell Phone Kiosk -
ITRC20100308-03 Arrow Electronics NY
ITRC20100308-01 Los Angeles Westin Bonaventure
ITRC20100305-12 Uniformed Services Benefit Association
ITRC20100305-11 Nuance Communications US Yes
ITRC20100305-10 FCI USA LLC US
ITRC20100305-09 Genworth Financial, Life Insurance
ITRC20100305-07 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
ITRC20100305-05 Moses,Phillips, Young, Brannon and
ITRC20100305-04 US
ITRC20100305-02 Hancock Fabrics US 
ITRC20100304-03 Vernon Sales Promotion US
ITRC20100301-07 Feeney Agency PA 
ITRC20100301-06 McGraw-Hill Construction UT 
ITRC20100301-05 Erisa Pension Systems -
ITRC20100301-02 MSO of Puerto Rico
ITRC20100301-01 MSO of Puerto Rico
ITRC20100226-02 Wyndham Hotels US
ITRC20100225-01 Law Firms, Smyrna GA
ITRC20100224-02 Association for the Blind
ITRC20100223-24 Mid America Kidney Stone
ITRC20100223-17 Merkle Direct Marketing -
ITRC20100223-16 Health Services for Children
ITRC20100223-12 Public Employee Health Insurance
ITRC20100223-07 Private Practice, Wilmington NC
ITRC20100223-02 Educators Mutual Insurance Association
ITRC20100219-02 H&R Block IN Yes
ITRC20100218-09 Cullman Dairy Queen AL
ITRC20100218-07 Galeton, Gloves Inc US
ITRC20100218-06 Daedalus Books US
ITRC20100218-05 TGI Friday's - West
ITRC20100218-04 Eclipse Property Solutions FL
ITRC20100218-02 Small Dog Electronics US
ITRC20100212-03 Macy's - St Louis
ITRC20100212-01 Equifax US
ITRC20100209-13 Ozarks Area Community Action
ITRC20100209-11 St. Clair Winery &
ITRC20100209-10 Highmark US  -
ITRC20100209-06 Ceridian US 
ITRC20100209-03 AvMed Health Plans FL
ITRC20100202-03 Innotek US 
ITRC20100202-02 P.F. Chang's Bistro 
ITRC20100119-03 Time Customer Service 
ITRC20100119-02 Goodwill - Kent County
ITRC20100111-01 Metropark NY 
ITRC20100104-02 Moriarty & Primack MA
ITRC20100305-01 New Mexico State University
ITRC20100301-04 Bennett College NC 
ITRC20100219-01 Valdosta State University GA
ITRC20100218-01 Southern Illinois University IL
ITRC20100209-14 Kansas City Art Institute
ITRC20100209-04 University of Texas El
ITRC20100202-01 West Virginia University WV
ITRC20100201-04 Columbia University 
ITRC20100201-02 Humboldt State University CA
ITRC20100126-05 University of Missouri MO
ITRC20100114-03 Eugene School District OR
ITRC20100114-01 Western Michigan University MI
ITRC20100316-04 St. Louis Metropolitan Police
ITRC20100305-06 Anne Arundel County's Fire
ITRC20100304-01 SC Department of Health
ITRC20100301-03 Arkansas Guard, Camp Robinson
ITRC20100223-25 New York Department of
ITRC20100223-14 Alaska Department of Health
ITRC20100223-13 Brooke Army Medical Center
ITRC20100222-01 TennCare TN Yes -
ITRC20100218-03 West Memphis Police Department
ITRC20100209-09 Social Security Administration NY
ITRC20100209-08 Wyoming Department of Health
ITRC20100209-07 Ohio Department of Administrative
ITRC20100209-02 D.C. Office of Tax
ITRC20100209-01 CA Department of Health
ITRC20100201-01 Iowa Racing and Gaming
ITRC20100128-01 PricewaterhouseCoopers - Alaska state
ITRC20100127-01 US Department of Commerce
ITRC20100126-08 New York Department of
ITRC20100126-06 Minnesota Department of Labor
ITRC20100126-04 Seattle Municipal Court WA
ITRC20100126-02 Internal Revenue Service -
ITRC20100126-01 Columbus Health Department OH
ITRC20100119-01 City of Oakridge OR
ITRC20100107-01 Housing Authority of New
ITRC20100104-03 Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
ITRC20100311-07 BlueCross BlueShield of RI
ITRC20100311-06 Center for Neurosciences AZ
ITRC20100311-05 Advanced NeuroSpinal Care CA
ITRC20100311-04 Lucille Packard Children's Hospital
ITRC20100311-03 University of New Mexico
ITRC20100311-02 North Carolina Baptist Hospital
ITRC20100310-02 Quest Diagnostics - AmeriPath
ITRC20100309-16 Empi Recovery Services -
ITRC20100309-04 DaVita - Renal Treatment
ITRC20100308-02 University of Texas Southwestern
ITRC20100305-03 Wake Forest University Baptist
ITRC20100302-01 Diabetes Direct FL 
ITRC20100226-03 Shands HealthCare FL 
ITRC20100225-02 University of Washington Medical
ITRC20100223-23 Private Practice Torrance #5
ITRC20100223-22 Private Practice Torrance #4
ITRC20100223-21 Private Practice Torrance #3
ITRC20100223-20 Private Practice Torrance #2
ITRC20100223-19 Private Practice, Torrance #1
ITRC20100223-18 City of Hope National
ITRC20100223-15 Cogent Healthcare of Wisconsin,
ITRC20100223-11 BlueCross BlueShield - DC,
ITRC20100223-10 Children's Medical Center of
ITRC20100223-09 Concentra TX 
ITRC20100223-08 Advocate Health Care IL
ITRC20100223-06 Blue Island Radiology Consultants,
ITRC20100223-05 Private Practice, Stoughton MA
ITRC20100223-04 Cardiology Consultants FL Yes
ITRC20100223-01 Ashley and Gray DDS
ITRC20100222-02 Group Health WA 
ITRC20100212-02 University of Texas Medical
ITRC20100209-12 Greensburg Dental Practices PA
ITRC20100209-05 Abbott Medical Optics CA
ITRC20100128-02 University of California -
ITRC20100127-02 University Medical Clinic -
ITRC20100126-09 Methodist Hospital - Texas
ITRC20100126-03 Unknown Dentist TX 
ITRC20100113-01 Kaiser HMO CA 
ITRC20100105-01 Massachusetts Eye and Ear

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