Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How the FEDS use social networking...

What type of security risk is social networking? A document obtained by the EFF and posted on Wired's Threat Level blog details how FBI and Secret Service are using social networking sites to obtain information. Here's a sample from the document:
"Overview of Key Social Networking Sites
 Data is organized by user ID or group ID
 Standard data productions (per LE guide):
Neoprint, Photoprint, User Contact Info, Group Contanct Info, IP Logs
 HOWEVER, Facebook has other data available.
 Often cooperative with emergency requests."

So glad to hear that FEDS are getting co-operation from Facebook. Think for a moment what this other data might be: your chats? your friend searches? your browsing? I have to wonder what Facebook "IP Logs" look like....

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