Friday, July 29, 2011

Sorting Windows events by UserID

Sorting Windows events by UserID is a critical piece of auditing. In the code and examples below, I concentrate on:


purposefully leaving out the Security log. We can create a simple function that allows us to check all events logs on any machine sorted by file size:

function CheckEventLogsBySize
get-winevent -listlog * | Sort -desc FileSize |
ft -auto LogName,@{Label="FileLogSize(MB)"; Expression={$_.FileSize/1MB}},@{Label="MaxLogSize(MB)"; Expression={$_.MaximumSizeINBytes/1MB}},LastWriteTime,IsLogFull 

This gives us a clear view of all log file size, maximum log size, last write time:

We can also sort by 'LastWriteTime'.

function CheckEventLogsByLastWrite
get-winevent -listlog * | Sort -desc LastWriteTime |
ft -auto LogName,LastWriteTime,@{Label="FileLogSize(MB)"; Expression={$_.FileSize/1MB}},@{Label="MaxLogSize(MB)"; Expression={$_.MaximumSizeINBytes/1MB}},IsLogFull 

We can create a 'filterhashtable' array that searches multiple logs for event instances where there is an associated UserID.  N.B.: 'ea -0' replaces 'erroraction silentlycontinue' or '$erroractionpreference=silentlycontinue'.  '-Max 10000' limits the data collection to the last 10K events.

$a=get-winevent -ea 0 -filterhashtable @{Logname=@($Logs)} -Max 10000

$host.UI.RawUI.BufferSize = new-object System.Management.Automation.Host.Size(500,1000)
$a | where {$_.UserID} | ft TimeCreated,LogName,RecordID,ID,UserID,Message -auto | more

Following from above we can sort for all unique UserIDs:.  

$b=$a | Select TimeCreated,LogName,RecordID,ID,UserID,Message | where {$_.UserID}
$c=$b | Select -unique UserID
$c | more


Next we create a list of the UserIDs of which we wish to search:

$a | where {($_.UserID -eq $UserIDs[0]) -or ($_.UserID -eq $UserIDs[1]) -or ($_.UserID -eq $UserIDs[2])} |ft TimeCreated,LogName,ID,RecordID,UserID,Message -auto | more

We can also create a function (as below) to accomplish the same output:

function UserID-filter
$Global:Query=get-winevent -ea 0 -filterhashtable @{Logname=@($Logs)} -max 10000
$Query | Select TimeCreated,LogName,ID,RecordID,UserID,Message | where {($_.UserID -eq $UserIDs[0]) -or ($_.UserID -eq $UserIDs[1]) -or ($_.UserID -eq $UserIDs[2])}

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