Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Conflict and Confusion

For years, I didn't run DEP, Anti-Virus or other behavioral blocking software because I believed the hit on machine performance simply wasn't worth it. Additionally, I found most "protective software" bulky and and inelegant. Some noticeable exceptions were BlackICE (now defunct) and a PC host firewall now owned by CheckPoint. To rid myself of Viruses occassionally, I would use TrendMicro's housecall. In any event, after some years struggling to find a decent mail client that protected me from virus ridden junk mail...So recently I have installed two AV softwares and DEP. Sophos was working until I opened my mail box and tried to clean some junk mail. Very soon after, Sophos stopped working. I then installed PC Tools which found me riddled with adware,viruses and Trojans. Now neither is working quite right. I am unsure at this point if the problem is DEP or whether the AV software has become infected intself. The desktop disaster looks something like:

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